Aldi is selling sell coffee-infused bacon in stores next month

Plenty of people wouldn’t dream of starting their day without a steaming mug of coffee.

Whether you reach for the instant kind or prefer to get your fix using a coffee machine – many need their hit of caffeine in the morning.

But what if we told you, you could get your caffeine fix in solid form?

Aldi has combined two morning-time staples to create the ultimate breakfast treat – coffee-infused bacon.

Its new Coffee Flavoured Bacon retails for £1.79 a pack.

The bacon has been cured in coffee for 24 hours to marry the two flavours together. It has a ‘ syrupy, caramel-like bite’ and a slightly sweet taste.

Aldi describes it as ‘intricately flavoured with the rich and aromatic taste of coffee beans’.

The coffee-flavoured bacon will go on sale next month, on May 6.

For the less brave-hearted Aldi sells a number of flavoured coffees as part of its Alcafe range – including a caramel option.

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