Brits gaze into fridge for 16 hours and 26 minutes a year

The average Brit spent 16 hours and 26 minutes staring into their fridge in the last year.

Research commissioned by Subway revealed just how long we spend deciding on what to have for lunch.

A fifth of respondents said they spend more than five minutes ‘fridge-gazing’ each day, with the average amounting to two minutes and 42 seconds.

Two thousand Brits were surveyed by Subway to coincide with the launch of their new Loaded Value meal deal.

Sixty five per cent of respondents said that they’d likely spend many more weeks working from home before returning to the office.

More than half of the surveyed people said that they eat the same lunch three days in a row while working from home.

More than a third opt for a bowl of cereal for their midday meal.

Sandwiches were still the most popular choice made my fridge-gazers, with 35 per cent saying they decide on a sarnie.

One-fifth of them opt for one single ingredient on their sandwich.

Angelina Gosal, head of marketing UK and Ireland at Subway said: “We’ve all found ourselves staring into the fridge at lunchtime hoping inspiration strikes – so we want to make sure that even lockdown lunchtimes are still loaded with choice, value and flavour with Subway’s Loaded Value menu.

“We all need something to look forward to at the moment and with even more options available in the Loaded Value meal deals, bundles and sides, you can say goodbye to those sad sandwiches and enjoy your lunch break again.”

Subway’s Loaded Value Meal Deal, including any Sub, salad or wrap, drink and cookie or crisps, is now available in stores across the UK and Ireland, as well as on third party delivery services such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

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