Googlebox’s Jenny and Lee drum up mixed reaction to tea habit

Much-loved Gogglebox stars Jenny and Lee have caused controversy over a cup of tea.

If there’s one thing us Brits get protective about, it is definitely a strong, Yorkshire cuppa.

Tea and toast is a traditional way to start the morning – but do you dunk your toast in your tea before eating it?

The television stars share throwback photograph online of when Lee dunks a piece of toast into his tea while filming popular Channel 4 show.

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Jenny looks across at co-star in disgust.

Lee asked social media followers: “Who dunks toast in tea like me?

“Is it right, or is it wrong? Jenny thinks it’s disgusting.”

(Image: Instagram)

Fans quickly took to the comments to share their own tea and toast opinions.

Heather Bell said: “It’s amazing. Cup of tea with milk, two sugars, and toast with loads of butter.”

Julie Ann Mores said: “It’s okay to dunk your biscuit. Although the French dunk their croissant in their coffee…”

Jayne O’Carroll said: “Oh no, it will go soggy. I like crunchy toast sorry Lee.”

The hilarious duo will appear back on our screens with Gogglebox every Friday form 9pm on Channel Four.

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