Hull music band Low Hummers to tour with Manic Street Preachers

A Hull band have in the last week signed onto perform with Manic Street Preachers on a nationwide tour of the UK, days since releasing their debut album.

Low Hummer got the call confirming they were to play as the warm-up act at 13 of Manic Street Preachers’ tour gigs this autumn on Monday, starting with a trip to Newcastle on Sunday September 26.

“We hope that whatever we do on this tour, we want to represent Hull in the best light, really, and always shout about where we’re from, because it’s important to us,” said guitarist and singer Dan Mawer, 30.

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The six piece post-punk group have teamed up with Manic Street Preachers once before, playing at Piece Hall, Halifax, two weeks ago.

“It’s something that, as like a local band, it’s a different world really to what we’re used to, which is playing Adelphi and Polar Bear.”

Low Hummer's debut album, 'Modern Tricks for Living', was released on Friday September 17.
Low Hummer’s debut album, ‘Modern Tricks for Living’, was released on Friday September 17.

Dan taught himself how to play a guitar and started performing at 18.

He said the band, ranging in age from 21 to 34 years old, was “an oddball collective”.

“So we started in 2019. I had a couple of songs ready to go and I just felt like ‘Okay, who can I get that would be exciting and interesting to work with?’

“I sort of asked a few friends over Christmas if they’d just come into a practice room and I didn’t tell them, but I already had some gigs booked.

“So I said ‘well, this is working, in it, do you want to play a gig?'”

“And that’s how it started from there and we released a couple of singles before lockdown.”

He added that for two members, it was the very first time they had played in a band.

“We’re all at varying levels of playing instruments.

“Steph who is our keys player learnt to play keys three weeks before our first show, has never played keys in her life. So I suppose that helps the songwriting.

“When you pick up a new thing and it’s really exciting, you keep your eyes and ears open to doing anything.

“Whereas when you get technical with it, then you lose that naivety of just chucking your finger on a note and hoping that works well.

“So yeah, we’ve got a nice balance, I think.”

Dan said the band liked to find “old influences” particularly from ’70s and ’80s music, citing Joy Division and Talking Heads in particular.

Low Hummer played this summer at Reading and Leeds Festival on the BBC Introducing Stage and their tracks have featured on BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music.

Last week, they released their debut album, ‘Modern Tricks for Living’, which Dan was the main songwriter for.

“It’s a really big deal and I’ve been in bands for 10 years and, and never released sort of a body of work, so that was exciting enough.

“And then this week, finding out that we could support Manics on tour.

“Yeah, it just feels – like it doesn’t actually feel real!”

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Low Hummer‘s first ever gig was at Polar Bear Club and Dan Mawer’s own first live performance was at the Adelphi.

“I just want to say thank you for the support,” said Dan to all Hull fans of the band.

Hull’s a very unique place, like, especially the music scene. It’s been really supportive.

“We’ve had so many nice messages from other bands.

“I feel like that’s very like Hull-centric, it is a community that all just want to help each other and push each other along.

Low Hummer's first gig was at Polar Bear Club in Hull. The band comprises Dan Mawer, Joe Ryan, guitarist John Copley, bassist Jack Gallagher, keyboardist/guitarist Stephanie Hebdon, and vocalist/guitarist Aimee Duncan
Low Hummer’s first gig was at Polar Bear Club in Hull. The band includes Dan Mawer, Joe Ryan, guitarist John Copley, bassist Jack Gallagher, keyboardist/guitarist Stephanie Hebdon, and vocalist/guitarist Aimee Duncan

One of the band’s biggest fans is Kelvin Mawer, Dan’s dad.

“I’m so proud of him – he’s usually a very quiet and pleasant guy but on stage he’s transformed.

“The only sad part for me is that both Dan and I travel to every home and away game to see Hull City (we even went to Beijing).

“He’s going to have to miss a few games whilst on tour but I will be keeping up to date with the scores and it’s a small sacrifice to realise his dreams.”

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