Martin Lewis trick to save 90 per cent on makeup

Martin Lewis has been sharing ways to save money in lockdown, with spending on food shops, holiday refunds, and now he is sharing how you can downshift on your cosmetic spending.

The Money Saving Expert is advising makeup lovers to switch from big name brands to dupe versions.

Dupes often have almost identical packaging to expensive name brands, but come in at a much cheaper price, whilst giving you more product for your money.

Martin says that just because a skin product may be cheaper doesn’t mean it is less effective on the skin.

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Martin Lewis shares beauty and cosmetic saving tips
Martin Lewis shares beauty and cosmetic saving tips
  • Whilst duplicates might have very similar ingredients and properties they most likely won’t be exactly the same – always read the packaging and check ingredients if you have any allergies or skin concerns. The exact formulation of most beauty products are a closely-guarded secret.
  • All these products are sold by reputable retailers – such as Boots and Superdrug – so they’re quality-checked and aren’t like something you might buy at a car boot sale.

The British Skin Foundation said all cosmetic products are subject to the same stringent tests, so just because a product is cheap doesn’t mean it is unsafe for the skin.

Do I get the same amount?

While some dupes do give you more, looking at the sizes of products at other stores, in most cases the beauty dupe is either the same size, or a smaller size than the big brand – but even if you were to buy multiples to get the same amount, you would almost always spend significantly less.

If you still prefer the big brand, Martin Lewis suggests waiting for discount events such as Black Friday, Boxing Day and January sales, or department store discount days before you stock up.

Here’s a comparison of what’s available in stores or online now, dependent on stock, and how much extra you’d pay for the similar big-name near-equivalent. I’ve noted below where products have been confirmed as cruelty-free and/or vegan – where I’ve not indicated either way, it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t, I’ve just not had confirmation.

Where can I find good dupes?

Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive
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Stock varies between stores and can sell out really fast, especially online, so go quick.

Aldi has a host of beauty dupes on its shelves – look out for its own-brand ‘Lacura’ on everything from day cream and concealer to a ‘Liz Earle-alike’ hot cloth cleanser.

Aldi also has a £6.99 line of 100ml perfumes that look and smell suspiciously like Jo Malone fragrances – which are also usually much pricier, at £90 for 100ml.

Dupe face mask at Aldi is an interpretation of £90 Sisley Paris, but customers can save 92% and pay just £7 for the product.

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Whilst Rihanna’s Fenty highlighter would cost you £31, you could save 71% with Lottie London duper at £9, which have the same look and effect as the big name brand.

Boots dupes include a £5 Glow pineapple serum vs similar £46 Glow ‘Pineapple-C’ serum, saving 89%.

The Money Saving Expert says it is worth checking out your local Boots stores as there are quite a few dupes available for popular big brands such as MAC, Glow, Huda, and Benefit.

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